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Product Introduction
Magic Color Mixer
KOREAN 크러텍 영문 사이트

iconCTMC Series Magic Color Mixer Features
  • - Rational structure design for simple change of colors and easy calculation of material requirement.
  • - Connecting directly to the injection machine without additional mixing equipment it provides time saving with reducing operator's moves unnecessary.
  • - Supplying required quantity of material and reduction of the worker's movement line is possible. By combining two(2) feeders with one(1) machine it can supply 3 kinds of material, like virgin, MB 1 and MB2, into the machine at once.
  • Control Method
    Precise weight measurement can be obtained by digital control with an inverter that enables getting database of input ratio of master batch, grinded material or additives for the specific production items and in a shortest time pre-setting the data when to produce the item later repeatedly.
  • Applicable Machineries
    Injection molding machine, Extruder, BlowㆍInjection molding machine
iconCTMC Series
iconCTMC Series Magic Color Mixer Specifications
Feeding Capa.
Hopper Size
CTMC-1560S 60 AC220 1/30 15 Min. 15 / Max. 90 15
CTMC-2060S 60 AC220 1/30 20 Min. 28 / Max. 168 15

The above data is based on ABS material, max.60Hz and min.10Hz.

icon Installation Photos

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